I Rate AP Testing 1 out of 5


Lake Central students wrap up the second and final week of AP testing. AP testing was created in the 1950s. Image Source: Brian Controni

Michelle Testa

As the second and final week of Advanced Placement testing comes to an end, the feelings of anxiety and relief fill the school hallways.

Each spring, students dread the highly anticipated AP tests. Preparation for these tests can often consume student’s mind. Flash cards, Kahoots, Youtube videos and countless review packets are looked over and memorized in hopes of getting a five.

The attitude from students is either laid back and nonchalant or they have reached their maximum stress level and are on the verge of a mental breakdown. In my opinion, students put too much stress on themselves over these tests. I believe they can be important and should be taken seriously, but getting a two out of five is not the end of the world. Sometimes, all you can do is try your best and know that you gave your best effort.

I have taken my fair share of AP tests and they are not fun. Desks are lined up in rows, filling the gym floor. Everyone walks into the extremely cold gym and silently sit there for three hours as every possible brain cell is exerted to answer each question. You have to ask to be able to get up, use the restroom, blow your nose, sharpen a pencil or even take a sip of water. There is no better feeling of relief than when the test proctor dismisses the testing group.