Review: The Hustle


The Hustle, starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson came out on May 10. This movie is captivating and hilarious.

Audrey DiFilippo

The Hustle hit the theaters on May 10. This movie runs at 93 minutes and is about a pair of female con artists. These con artists are Josephine, played by Anne Hathaway, and Penney, played by Rebel Wilson. Josephine is a charming British woman who has done well in her industry of stealing from wealthy men and has a stunning home on the coast of France. Josephine likes things done in order and does not mess around when it comes to money. Penney is a free-spirited soul who is almost just as good as Josephine at ripping off men, but without all of the plans and calculations.

At first, Josephine does not accept Penney’s methods and wants to get rid of her as soon as possible. They are both masters of stealing money from men who have treated women wrong, so they decide to team up. They choose a young tech “millionaire”,Thomas, and place a bet that whoever can get him to give up $50,000 first wins. After believing that this young genius is a millionaire and getting the money out of him, he reveals that he is not actually a millionaire and that he is the son of the most famous con artist, “Medusa”. He ends up scamming both of them, taking $50,000 from each. As Penney is leaving France, Thomas comes back and says they should all work together to be the ultimate hustlers.

Overall, this movie was fast-paced and a great film. While some of the ideas seemed original, this movie flew by while watching and was very enjoyable.  The Hustle is an entertaining and hilarious film for teens and older.