Senior Honors Night


Two seniors walk up the stage to get the money they received for scholarships. In the auditorium, may seniors walked the stage to receive the money and awards they earned.

Riley Knestrict

On Wednesday, May 15, Lake Central honored the seniors who received scholarships and awards at a banquet.  Seniors received scholarships of up to full tuition. The few seniors selected to attend the banquet were called up on stage to receive their certificates and awards.  Many different teachers and presenters gave out the scholarships to the students.

Ashley Robinson, Taylor Robinson, Gabrielle De Vries, Mia Graziani, Olivia Zak, Anna Olivero, and Matt Vargas all received money from Indiana University, where they all will be attending.

“It was really cool to be honored in front of the school like that. I’m so happy I was able to earn money to go to the school I’ve been dreaming of going to,” Gabrielle De Vries (12) said.

Along with scholarships, students were honored by getting awards from teachers such as “Best Social Studies Student,” “Best Composition” or “Best All-Around Science Student.”  “Business Student of the Year” went to Clayton Truman and Kaylee Lessentine. Carter Goldman was honored with the “Computer Student of the Year” award. Both Nick Skidmore and Emily Gaines were named “Best All-Around English Students.” “Composition Student of the Year” went to Alexander Glass.