To a future senior


A graduation cap shows. Commencement for the Class of 2019 will be held on June 2. Image Source: Camps and Gowns

Danica Mileusnic

Do not take time for granted. From here life only flies by. These are your first lasts, everything is coming to an end.

The beginning of senior year starts with the last first day of school. The last batch of teachers you will have in your K-12 career. From there comes college applications.

College applications are one of the most stressful part of the senior year. You freak out about acceptance rate and make the hard decision on where you want to attend. My advice is to choose the school that makes your heart happy, but also look at cost of attendance. Some schools are triple the price than schools with just as similar opportunities.

For some seniors, it can be your last sporting season or club year. Spend every second doing that activity and enjoy it. Don’t complain and enjoy being a senior because when it is all over, it will be bittersweet. The memories from these activities are never ending.

The closer it gets to commencement, the more nervous you become about being an adult. It will all be okay though. The past 12 years in school have prepared you for this moment.

Good luck with beginning the next chapter of your life Class of 2020.