Travis is Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Loud


Yousef Nammari

Travis Scott took over Rolling Loud on Saturday, May 11. Rolling Loud is a recurring music festival held in Hardrock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Fl. For over an hour before his set, Scott’s crew transformed the stage into “Astroworld”. Festival-goers anticipated Scott to perform a lot of unreleased music, as well as his previous studio albums like ‘Days Before Rodeo’ and ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.’ By midnight, attendees were thrilled when Scott finally made an appearance.

His set started off like any other performance, with the performance of ‘Stargazing’ and ‘Carousel’ as the intro. The crowd’s energy and excitement was heard throughout the festival. Halfway through the performance, a faux shooting broke out. The music came to an end and the crowd scattered for safety. After 15 minutes of silence on stage, the crowd returned

One song I was excited to hear Travis perform was ‘Highest in the Room.’ This song was previously sampled on a makeup advertisement his fiancee, Kylie Jenner, posted. The song focuses on his life, his daughter, and mainly his soulmate Kylie Jenner.

Overall, it was a great performance. The crowd was hyped, as usual. Scott’s energy and electrifying voice gave the audience chills as he performed ‘Mile High’ and ‘No Bystanders’. I wish I could’ve attended the performance because of the limited merch he released before the show, but I’m happy I was able to watch it live on YouTube.