Special Olympics: Game Day


Two Protsman students race each other to the finish line in the hurdle event. Two Lake Central High School students ran alongside them and cheered them on as they neared the finish line.

Kayla Price

On Thursday, May 16, Lake Central High School hosted the Special Olympics on the football field. This allowed kids with disabilities to get outside and have some friendly competition.

“It’s put on by Westlake and it’s with a bunch of kids from around the area that go to the schools in the district. So we have Homan, Protsman, Kahler and Clark,” Lilly Zubeck (11) said.

Kahler Middle School was represented in orange, the Clark Middle School in yellow, Homan Elementary School in green and Protsman Elementary in purple. While every school had a different color all of the shirts read “play unified” across the front. Each student had the opportunity to compete in different events such as various running events, hurdling events, botchy ball, an obstacle course and even a car wash.

“I’m at the obstacle course, which is obviously the best. We have so much fun here. Everyone runs it multiple times. You get a ribbon. It’s so much fun,” said Zubeck.

While Lilly and three others were running the obstacle course, other students helped and volunteered to run other stations. Their task not only included overseeing their assigned station but also helping the kids run through the course.

“I’m part of the Indian Athletic [Leadership Council] which is a group in the school that’s through the IHSAA. They plan events for the school, such as pep rallies and things like that. They go to events about sportsmanship and leadership around the state. When they asked to put this on they asked us if we’d be willing to help take part and volunteer and help lead the kids through this,” Zubeck said.

More than 150 students participated in this all day event. Countless smiles could be seen from all around the field at any given point.