Q&A: Natasha Krska (12)


Natasha Krska (12) poses outside her neighborhood. She works in customer service at Loopy Cases.

Kayla Price

Q: Do you currently have a job? If so, where?

A: I currently have a job at Loopy Cases.

Q: Have you worked anywhere else before this job? If so, where and what did you do?

A: Before my current job, I worked at Deyoung Interiors as office and sales help.

Q: What do you do at your current job?

A: At my current job, I do email based customer service and process our returns and exchanges.

Q: Are there any challenges that you face, either when it comes to work or balancing school and work?

A: I haven’t had any issues balancing work and school due to PTE allowing me to get a lot of my homework done.

Q: How long were you at Deyoung Interiors and why did you leave?

A: I was at Deyoung Interiors for a year and a half and left because I saw the amazing opportunity of working at Loopy!

Q: How long have you been working at Loopy Cases?

A: I have been at Loopy Cases for 6 months.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: My favorite part of my job is hard to choose because I love so many things about it, but I really enjoy being able to help people to the best of my ability.