Era Distribution Day


Kevin Holechko (12) smiles as he sells Sharpies. Holechko sold Sharpie markers and cups. Photo by: Camille Bereolos

Danica Mileusnic

The 53rd installment of the Quiver yearbook launched on Thursday, May 23. ‘Era’ was the theme that was chosen and developed

“We always knew that we wanted our theme to be about our generation and how we are changing the world. The hard part was coming up with the tagline. After watching an episode of ‘Friends,’ inspiration struck and Era became our theme,” Karisa Candreva (12) said.

Books were distributed all throughout lunches during the day by Publications students. Everyone was split up by last name and had a colored table corresponding to their last name.

“Distribution went really smoothly and it was so fun to just stand back and watch people’s reactions as they looked at the yearbook for the first time,” Molly Fischer (12) said.

Yearbook editors Candreva and Fischer have been planning since May of last year to make their book come to life.

“We went to a workshop at Ball State in June and then we went to another bootcamp at Lake Central in July. It took a lot of planning and preparation, but we are both extremely happy with the result,” Candreva said.

The book features a Magazine that encompasses all of the events that happened in 2019.

“The magazine was definitely our favorite part of the book. We wanted something in the yearbook that would date the book, so we decided to create a current events magazine in order to remind people of the significant events that occurred during the 2018-2019 school year,” Fischer said.