Q&A: Lily Haro (10)

Julie Wasyliw

Q: Why did you decide to join color guard in the first place?

A: “I decided to join color guard because it was a new opportunity for me to branch out into something new.”

Q: What are some of the things that you have learned in color guard?

A: “Some things I’ve learned are patience, teamwork and confidence.”

Lily Haro (10) poses with a flag at a color guard competition. She received a leadership position for her next season. Image Source: Lily Haro

Q: What type of leadership position do you have? Is there a specific name for the leaders?

A: “I have the leadership position of a captain. The captains, or leaders, are called section leaders.”

Q: What type of qualities do you believe a leader needs?

A: “I think a leader needs natural leadership skills, kindness, patience and loyalty.”

Q: How did you get this position?

A: “I got this position by taking part in an interview.”

Q: As a leader, what is your job now?

A: “As a leader, my job is to lead the program to improvement from the member of a team perspective.”

Q: What tasks are you required to perform as a leader?

A: “Tasks that a leader is required to perform is to help and encourage new members, encourage [others], and keep the motivation of the team high.”

Q: Does being a leader seem different than any other position or person on the team?

A: “Being a leader does seem different because it’s like going from sitting on the sidelines to playing the actual game, metaphorically speaking.”

Q: How do you think the team is going to perform for next season?

A: “I think the team is going to have very high success levels because we have a strong bond among one another and have been training really hard. I also think that we have the right staff in order to achieve large”