Hands that talk

On April 2, the American Sign Language group met in the library to help students develop sign language skills.

“I want to grow their exposure with the deaf culture and outings, and have a steady attendance. You become more aware of the deaf culture and language and aside, you are more aware of your body language,” Mrs. Sarah Mayer (Kahler) said.

In the future, Mrs. Mayer would like ASL to be approved by the school board and become a club, so for now it is considered a group at LC.

“I hope for next year [that the board approves the group to become a club], I guess it’s a process so my hope is for next fall we have board approval,” Mrs. Mayer said.

As students gathered in a circle and payed close attention to how to sign their names, “nice to meet you,” and, “how you are doing,” the students kept trying to pick up more and more to help broaden their knowledge during the meeting.

“I want to be able to submerse myself in the deaf culture and maybe one day be fluent and just know and understand more about the deaf culture,” Nichole Heusmann (10) said.

Each time the group meets, Mrs. Mayer tries to introduce them to more and more of the language in hopes that one day they can all confidently embrace the deaf culture and not be afraid to talk to deaf people.

“I hope that they are more comfortable in seeking out deaf people [in the future],” Mayer said.

The next ASL meeting is next Wednesday on April 9 after school in the library until 3:00.