Fresh faces prepare for the stage


Mia Gjeldum (12) and Jeannie Lam (9) go over stage directions for Gjeldum’s freshman show, “Cave Dream.” Lam plays a part of a group of spelunkers that find themselves trapped in a cave.

Cathryn Cearing and Cat Cearing

Members of the Lake Central Theater Company work year-round on productions. There’s the summer show, fall play, spring musical and now, the freshmen shows, which give both upperclassmen and underclassmen new roles to fill.

“Freshmen shows are different [from the other productions] because [we work] with a smaller group of techies. It’s only [Candace Jarzombek (9)] and I doing costumes, but it’s for a smaller show so it works out anyways. During freshman shows you also meet all the freshmen that you haven’t seen before. It’s always nice to see the new kids shine as the leading characters,” Erini Collaros (10) said.

Each year, four 30-minute shows are chosen to showcase the new talent coming into the company. This year, the shows range from a superhero support group to a first date gone awry.

“[“The First Date” is] a comedy, and it’s good to start out with comedies because dramatic shows are a scary thing going into starting out as a freshman, but I’m a lead [in my show] so it’s still kind of scary … [Being in a freshmen show] might make me go for an acting role now. I was a techie before. I’m always going to be a techie at heart,” Evelyn Reder (9) said.

Performances are April 30 and May 2 at 7 p.m. in the LGI room.