Varsity baseball loses home opener

Hannah Pittman and lakecentralnews

The varsity boys baseball team took on Munster on Tuesday, April 8, for their home game opener. Playing against a big-time rival for their first home game pumped up the boys and brought a crowd to the game.

“I was really excited for the first home game to be against a crosstown rival, Munster, and they are third in the state so we really wanted to upset them,” John Gbur (12) said.

With a slow start, and the Mustangs in the lead, the Indians put up a good fight when Charles Alexa (12) hit a home run.

“I pretty much knew the second that I hit the ball, it was going to be a good one. It felt really great to get a home run for my team,” Alexa said.

The game came to an end with a score of 8-4, Munster taking back home a win, and leaving the Indians with thoughts to improve for the future games.

“I was upset to lose; we definitely could have beat them. Once we stop making the little errors that affected us in this game, we will be a great team. I can’t wait to play them again in Sectionals,” Alexa said.

The boys varsity baseball team’s next game is away at Hamilton Southeastern High School at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 11.