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Students return to the building after a fire drill Sept. 27. The drill should have run in around four minutes, but took more than 10 because of a flaw in the system.

First fire drill fails

September 27, 2013

Administration conducts canine drug sweep

Kelly Paulson and lakecentralnews

September 19, 2013

To the surprise of the students of LC, a Code Blue lock-down, commonly referred to as a canine drug sweep, was enacted by the administration on Thursday, Sept. 19. “The intention of [the drug sweep] was to locate any contraband...

New SRO for new school year

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

August 22, 2013

In light of the Sandy Hook shootings, Virginia Tech and even Columbine, school safety has become more and more of a priority in school districts everywhere. Thanks to a partial school safety grant from the state and a partnership...

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