JV baseball slaughters Merrillville Pirates


Maxmilian Radziejeski (10) watches where the ball he hit goes. The ball was foul.

Noelle McBride and Noelle McBride

The JV Boys Baseball team defeated the Merrillville Pirates 14-3 on April 23.

In an early-ending game, the mercy rule was put in place, ending the game early due to LC’s considerable lead which was considered to be unattainable, after five innings were played.

“I was the freshman coach last year; I think they’ve improved a lot. Obviously, they’re bigger, stronger, faster; but I think mentally they’ve matured. They look good.They’re starting to understand the game a lot,” Head Coach Marc Escobedo said.

The weather may have been cold, but the boys still pulled through and played to win.

“I think it was colder than usual. I think the pitchers’ arms were colder than they should have been and the bats. If it’s warmer, it helps the swing. The hands were just colder,” Daniel Zahorsky (10), pitcher, said.

This season, the team hopes to do as well or better than they have in past years.

“I’m hoping they continue to improve. It’s the little things, though. Obviously like making the right plays. It’s the mental side of the game. Just being aware of what’s going on in the game and whether they’re in the game or not. So, it’s the little things that you hope they continue to improve on and continue to play the game well and hard,” Escobedo said.