Countdown to graduation

On Wednesday, May 14, parents and seniors graduating with Academic Honors met in the Field House to be recognized for their great achievements.

“I thought that it was really cool.  You know we have an extremely talented senior class and I don’t think you realize it until you go there and hear all these amazing things that those people are doing because it’s incredible,” Brooke Lambert (12) said.

The night consisted of speeches and the distribution of awards and graduation cords to the seniors.  Some seniors received scholarships at this ceremony as well.

“I received the Biology Male Student of the Year, the ACT award for math and science, the Schrage Family Scholarship from Centier Bank and my hood for graduating Summa Cum Laude,” Noah Sarkey (12) said.

From the numerous awards given to the scholarships received, the students were congratulated by teachers and administrators for their hard work and dedication put into the last four years of high school.

“I thought it was really nice the fact that like everybody got recognized for all their accomplishments and that we all kinda came together as a class and saw what everybody got and where they’re going,” Lilanna DelToro (12) said.