Against the Best

Kayla Oberholtzer, Business Manager

   Competing against Munster, the boys Varsity tennis team lost 5-0 on August 17th. Both teams put up a good fight throughout the night. The next game is against Highland at Lake Central.  

   “The first match was 6-2 where we got warmed up but the second one ended up being 5-7. We played the game for our money. This is our first year on Varsity. We’re a little nervous but in the end we played our best and that’s all we can do. I hope to get better communication with my teammate. We’re getting it down, but I hope to not get in my head as much,” said Jeremiah Kypers (11). 

   Isaiah Boles and Jeremiah Kypers played a difficult match in first Doubles. They ended up being the closest to beat a match against Munster this year. 

   “I feel like we played really well. There’s a lot I need to improve on, but I think if I keep practicing I’ll get better. I kept up with one of the best teams today. So I expect a really good season to come out of this,” said Isaiah Boles (11).

With the now graduated, David Spriggs, not on the team anymore and multiple seniors from other schools gone, this year could be up to any school to win. 

  “Our goal is to figure out our line up in the next three weeks so we can be stable going into sectionals. Our section is kind of down this year and everybody lost a lot of players so anyone can win it. Even if we lost a boat-load of players we can still win it. If we keep doing well in doubles and be more consistent in singles then we are going to be a tough team to beat. Our aim is to try to finish fourth or third place in Dunelan and just be a tough team,” Mr. Ralph Holden, Psychology said.