Students learn valuable skills in food class

Mrs. Chris Mockovak’s, FACS, fourth hour cooking class has been learning how to make food all year, and on Tuesday, May 20, the class learned how to make baked spaghetti.

“My favorite part [of the class] is learning new recipes,” Niji Shah (10) said.

Foods classes learn the skills needed to know how to cook.

“I’ve learned what all the kitchen tools are called and how to cook properly,” Elise Smith (10) said.

Foods class offers the hands-on learning that isn’t otherwise experienced in other classes.

“I would recommend this class because it was a fun experience and it’s not a boring where you sit all hour; you actually get up and cook,” Smith said.

Mrs. Mockovak offers a Foods II class for anyone who wants to continue their culinary training.

“I would recommend a higher level cooking class because you get to make more things and probably learn more,” Shah said.