LC Girls Golf Focused Before Sectionals


Hannah Cantu and lakecentralnews

The Girls Golf team won the match against Crown Point last night, and the team has had three losses total so far.

“Against Crown Point we did the best we could,” Kathryn Peterson (12) said. “Our efforts paid off with almost a 20 stroke lead.”

Sectionals will occur Sept. 19, where the team will practice at the course, in order to prepare for what the course will be like, according to Peterson.

“I keep my focus by doing my best to not get distracted and by doing a pre-shot routine to keep going 100 percent,” Peterson said. “When I’m about to make a shot, I have about 20 different swing thoughts in my head as I’m approaching the ball.”

When the team goes to play at Sectionals, difficulties will come up, such as deciding on which shots to perform against opponents.

“This is crunch time,” Peterson said. “This is what makes us or breaks us for the regional tournament. The girls will have to stay focused and give 100 percent.”