Marching Band Kicks Off Another Exciting Season

Alissa Ludwig and lakecentralnews

Last Saturday, the Tribe of Pride competed against a number of northern bands in the Concord Invitational in Elkhart, Indiana.

“[The band] sounded louder than any other band, probably louder than two bands combined,” Danielle Littrell (12) said.

The band placed first and won all of the captions including: General Effect, Visual and Music. This is the first time in four years that the band has won all three captions.

“At the beginning it felt nerve-wrecking, but through the middle of the first big hit I got a little used to it and thought, ‘Whatever happens, happens,’” Julissa Degollado (9) said.

The first performance is intense for many freshmen because they have not experienced the emotion that flows throughout the show.

“I felt like I just showed the world what we’re made of. We worked really, really hard for this, and we got what we deserved,” Degollado said.

The band has another competition on Saturday, Sept. 24 in Mishawaka, Indiana at Penn High School.

“We set the bar high at the first performance, so every [following] competition, we have to set it higher and higher,” Degollado said.