Students join Junior Class Cabinet


Mrs. Allison Peda, English, is giving information and input to Juniors at the meeting.

Emma DeGroot, Author

Junior Class Cabinet is a place for Juniors to come together and create a fun environment for their class. Students join to have fun with friends and set a good example for their classmates.

“Class Cabinet is a place for different levels to interact in a positive way,” Mrs. Sivak, English, said.

Students join to get involved and bring their ideas and thoughts to the table for Homecoming and Prom.

“I’ve been on cabinet for all three years of high school, I decided to join because I like the idea to be a leader for my grade,”Sean Meyer (11) said.

In Junior Class Cabinet, students volunteer for making banners and give ideas for decorations. This year, Junior Class Cabinet is embellishing the second floor.

“I hope to make a really nice Prom for the juniors and seniors,” Meyer (11) said.

Junior Class Cabinet has meetings at least once a month. When Prom starts approaching they will be meeting around twice a month. With Homecoming, the meetings will be all week.