Environmental club hosts first meeting


Julie Popiela (9) signs her name to a sheet of paper Mrs Ruiz handed around the room. The paper was needed used as a roster for the club.

Darian Smith, Author

On Sept.15, Mrs. Ruiz, Science, held this year’s first meeting for Environmental club.

Mrs. Ruiz began by welcoming new and returning members of the club. In the past, the club has struggled to keep the label of a club due to a low number of members. This year, she has asked that the members this year invite friends to the next meeting in an attempt to get a higher number of members. Environmental club is about preserving, cleaning and bringing awareness about how to protect the world we live in.

“I just kind of heard of [the club] and I thought it was interesting. I just like the environment. It’s our world; we kind of need to protect it. Last year we did a lot of projects, we went outside and we did a lot that was pretty interesting. [This year] I really want to go on a field trip,” Jennifer Popiela (12) said.

Popiela, a returning member, isn’t the only one with new hopes for the club.

“I’m a recycling freak and just all about the environment. I liked [the club] last year. I wish we would have done cleaning up like we were supposed to but I think with all the snow days, we didn’t get as much time as we could have. But I hope this year we do more clean ups. I definitely want to go outside a lot and help clean up the pond area,” Ashley Millette (12) said.

Mrs. Ruiz discussed this years plans for the club including: homecoming, t-shirt ideas, and new ideas involving Lake Central’s own wetlands.

“Our future plans are that I’d like to make stations and have our club members or my environmental classes make an eco-laboratory where other school corporations and even other individuals from our own school corporation can come back and actually take the trail and make it more like a learning center. That would take some time to work with the ranger. She came and gave me a generic plan of what we can do and now we just have to put it into motion. That would be our vision for the future,” Ruiz said.

The next Environmental club meeting is on Oct. 3 in room 9218.