Boogie wonderland


Victoria Wilkes (10) and Nkem O’Gonuwe (10) work on a banner for Homecoming week. The banner was hung along Main Street.

Brittany Rabatine, Author

Students dedicated a few hours on Sunday, Sept. 28, to take the school back in time for Homecoming week.

“I am a volunteer for the office. This is my first year decorating the school, but next year when I leave I’m going to come back and decorate again,” Morgan Sabatini (12) said.

Each floor is decorated according to the decade each grade was assigned, draped with banners, streamers and musical references.

“Our theme in the office is toys we’ve played with through the decades. We have slinkies, yoyos, and barrels of monkeys,” Mrs. Lori Brumm, Secretary to the Principles, said.

Some clubs decorated the hallways to their advantage to make up for the loss of the traditional pre-game tailgating.

“Usually [the theater company does] a banner and we do the tailgating [so] this is our first year of doing hallway decorating. I just told the office staff that we needed people to decorate, and if we could get them to decorate we would do it and if not, we wouldn’t,” Mr. Ray Palasz, English, said.