Freaking out about American Horror Story


Emily Rey, Author

American Horror Story is back for the fourth season with an even scarier story than before. The hype surrounding the show created high expectations, and it delivered.

The season, which premiered on Oct. 8, is set in Jupiter, Florida, in 1952. Jessica Lange’s character, Elsa Mars, is the leader of a struggling freak show that finds Sarah Paulson’s character (or, because she plays a two-headed woman, characters) and invites her to join the act. The story then branches out, following the many freaks involved in the show.

Within the first five minutes, Freakshow entices you. The first episode focuses on character development rather than plot development, but that does not diminish the suspense. Instead of being forthright, the characters’ personalities are displayed through their actions and how they respond to situations. Sarah Paulson’s characters have extremely different personalities, and other characters were portrayed equally well. Twisty, the main villain of the season, is terrifying. Jimmy Darling is, well, darling. Elsa Mars is manipulative. Ma Petite is adorable.

Overall, the premiere of American Horror Story: Freakshow was spellbinding and cryptic, as is the trademark of the show.

Photo Credit: FXNOW