Q&A-Carlie Mikuly: The world in full color


Brittany Rabatine, Author

Q: What first got you into art?

A: My uncle Paul is an artist and my dad is an engineer, so he’s good with drafting art, so I guess you could say it’s a family thing. To be brutally honest it was because I read a lot.I want to draw like I saw in my books. Literally in fifth grade I sat down one day with a pencil and said, “I’m going to be an artist.”

Q: What is your favorite medium of art?

A: That has changed over the years, I can tell you what medium I don’t like is paint. Paint is so hard to control and maybe it’s because I’m still a student but paint and I rarely get along. I do love colored pencil though. Markers are good only if they’re good quality markers though. Multimedia stuff is my favorite by far though.

Q: Could you explain Multimedia medium?

A: Multimedia is basically just how it sounds: multiple mediums used to create one work. In my case for the hat box I made for the Munster Performing Arts Center, I used spray paint, origami, paint pens and scrap booking material to create a Day of the Dead sugar skull box.

Q: What field of art do you want to be in at college?

A: I want to be an illustrator. I want to make art for everything from advertising to children’s books to comics and even movies if I’m lucky.

Q: What are some of the projects you have made?

A: Over the summer I went to an art class for two weeks at IUPUI and we did a lot of technical work; that is practicing technique and practicing using mediums. I’ve also started doing kind of commissions from the Table Top Club by doing portraits for their [role-playing game] characters. Of course there always school projects going on as well.

Q: Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

A: I draw on what I read most of the time as well as the movies I watch and a lot from the people around me. I like giving new life to old ideas.