A Night to Remember

Frances Pollaro and lakecentralnews

After winning 2nd in their meet , the Boys Cross Country team went into the school cafeteria to celebrate Senior Night. Senior Night is always full of gag gifts and inside jokes that the team shares with each other.

“We get presents that remind us of the underclassmen, and we have to guess who it is from,” Michael Buckman (12) said.

Christopher Albright (11) gave the seniors glasses that make their eyes look big because he is called Harry Potter when he has his own glasses on.

Before the seniors get all of their gifts, they have a huge banquet with plenty of food. The coaches say their favorite memory of each senior, whether it is serious or funny.

“I think the coaches will have good things to say about all of the seniors. It’s hard realizing that we are seniors. I just want to be an inspiration to underclassmen,” Joshua Keith (12) said.