Undefeated Streak Walks the Plank

Victoria New and lakecentralnews

Senior Varsity players celebrated Senior Night last Saturday, October 7. Senior Night is a chance for the school and proud parents to congratulate the boys on the great job they have been doing throughout their high school careers. The senior boys walked onto the field accompanied by their parents; hugs and pictures followed. Sadly, the game against Merrillville that night did not lead to another celebration.

“I was happy to know that my parents would be there because they mean the most to me. They are the ones who cheer me on during all the games,” Steven Jarrett (12) said. “I told the guys before the game that we went from 2-8 to great. It’s our game, our field and our year.”

The first touchdown of the game was made by the opposing team, the Merrillville Pirates. Then, with 21 seconds remaining in the first quarter, Austin Todd (11), tight end, scored a touchdown.

“I knew I had to make a big play. Coach called my number, I knew the ball was coming to me and I made the play. It felt great because it was a ‘big game’. I just tried to help my team win,” Todd said.

With the boys anxious to overcome the close score, Quarterback David Yancey (11) scored a touchdown in the 2nd quarter and with a two-point conversion, brought the play to a total score of eight points. Close behind, Merrillville soon scored six points despite attempts to defend by LC.

“Personally, I think that we came out a little sloppy. The offense put the defense in a bad situation, but we fought hard and had the lead most of the game. To sum it all up, when you win seven straight games, that type of game we had last night was bound to happen,” Yancey said.

The third quarter was frustrating for the team with another touchdown by the Merrillville Pirates. The boys knew that they needed a good play to get ahead of the game and if they were going to win, they needed to step it up.

“We were feeling the pressure, and we were looking to make some big plays,” Karan Sharma (12) said.

As the fourth quarter rolled around, Merrillville scored once again. With time ticking, Wide Receiver Dylan Morang (12) scored the final touchdown. Unfortunately, the boys’ attempts were not enough to defeat the Pirates. The final score was 24-27. The boys will definitely be practicing hard this week to beat Valparaiso next Friday, October 14.