Story of her life


Guest speaker Ms. Blandine Baldwin speaks during a French club meeting about how she came to America. Ms. Baldwin has been living in the country for 15 years and has a husband and two children.

Emily Lisac, Author

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, Lake Central’s French Club met in Mrs. Nancy Tilka’s, World Language, room, C106. The members listened to a guest speaker, Ms. Blondine Baldwin, talk about moving from France to America, French culture and much more.

“[I learned from the guest speaker] that French people don’t view Americans as I thought they did, or she doesn’t at least. That’s refreshing because I thought that the French viewed America badly, and it was interesting to get a different perspective,” Sarah Diviney (11) said.

Intrigued by American TV shows and movies, Ms. Baldwin explained to the students that she was determined to live in America. She eventually went to school and received a teaching job at a small college and has since inhabited the country for 15 years. Ms. Baldwin taught the students not only about the French culture, but also encouraged students to keep chasing their dreams.

“[I learned from Ms. Baldwin] that anything is possible if you’re determined enough, and even if it doesn’t work out right away, it can still go well for you in the future,” Diviney said.

French club meets once every month after school. Their next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 25. They will be watching a French film and the meeting is open to anyone who is interested.