Art Club celebrates before break


Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, tells Anna Hallowell (10) and Jessica Rogers (10) what the project of the month will be and how to finish. Mrs. Yaeger helped the girls when they had a question.

Emma DeGroot, Author

On Oct. 28, Art Club gathered with Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, in C125 to work on a Halloween-themed project for October. The meeting had the students working with spray paint and metal cans for a Halloween decoration they could take home with them.

“The projects in Art Club aren’t too challenging for the students. I get most of it done. Even if I don’t, you can take it home and finish it because the projects aren’t that complicated,” Anna Hallowell (10) said.

Art Club lets students interact with others while learning how to better their artwork. The projects also help them encounter problems that they may face in the future.

“In general, I really like doing art and drawing. I figured Art Club would give me new ideas and different experiences with art techniques,” Hallowell said.

Students of any grade who are interested in art can join the club, even if they are not currently enrolled in an art class.

“A lot of the students who come to Art Club aren’t necessarily enrolled in an art class, so it gives them the opportunity, if they’d like, to just explore and get with other students who like art,” Mrs. Yaeger said.

The next meeting is Tuesday Nov. 25 in C227 unless otherwise announced.