From LC student to LC teacher


Miss Stephanie Villarreal, English, smiles while working at her desk. As a former Lake Central student, Miss Villarreal enjoys being in a familiar setting to teach.

Adrianna Portela, Author

Q&A with Stephanie Villarreal: Lake Central alumni, now Lake Central English teacher.

Q: How do you feel being back at your high school?

A: “I like it a lot. I had some fantastic teachers and most are still here. They inspired me to be a teacher. I enjoy being back. Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire students.”

Q: Do you feel more comfortable teaching at a school you went to?

A: “I think so. Its easier as a teacher because you know how the school functions and the staff. Everyone is really helpful.”

Q: Did any specific LC teachers inspire you to also teach?

A: “Mr. [Ron] Fredrick, [English], and Mr. [Richard] Lawson, [English], were really great, but all teachers in general inspired me.”

Q: Are any past teachers now your coworkers?

A: “Yes, it’s different. They are people I used to look up to, so it is quite interesting to work with them. I’m still getting used to the different type of relationship.”

Q: As a teacher, what is your main goal?

A: “Being a teacher is about getting kids to love education. If you and they don’t enjoy it, they won’t be able to learn.”

Q: What do you do outside of school?

A: “I’ve started running. I run half marathons and have been training for more.”

Q: Do you work with any clubs at Lake Central?

A: “I am a club sponsor for student council.”