Theater prepares to compete at Regionals


Hannah Souronis (10) and Megan Barry (11) are both tired after escaping into the forest. Souronis’s character was Celia, the daughter of Duke Frederick, and Barry’s character was the Jester who comes to the forest to entertain the other escapees.

Madeline Conley, Author

On Nov. 6 the cast of As You Like It will head to Purdue University West Lafayette to perform the show in the hopes of qualifying for the State Conference.

“The show is basically [about] the characters Rosalind and Orlando who fall in love at a wrestling tournament. Rosalind gets banished to the forest. She runs into Orlando but is disguised as a man. While disguised, she teaches him how to love her and eventually he finds out it is her and they marry,” Megan Barry (11) said.

The theater company first started doing contest shows in 2013. In the past, the show that went to regionals was also the fall show.

“The contest show is a lot more aggressive than the fall show. The rehersals are harder, and you have to know you stuff to be able to win. The fall’s show is much more relaxed,” Craig Bronson (10) said.

For most of the students involved in the contest show, this will be their first time performing a show by Shakespeare.

“The hardest part of being in a Shakespeare show is the wording of the lines and trying to realize what they all mean. It’s harder to understand the type of script William Shakespeare writes,” Megan McLaughlin (9) said.

If the show places at regionals, they will continue to the State Conference at the University of Indianapolis from Jan. 23-25.