Donation Competition


A sign to promote the food drive sits on the balcony of the third floor. The sign was made by the Interact club.

Hannah Reed, Author

The food drive, run by Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, has just begun. Sixth hour classes will be competing against each other to raise the most in donations.

“The food drive has been going on since 1982-83. When it first started, it was [organized by] N-Teens and Student Government. I started teaching here 82-83, and we ran our first drive and got a whole whopping 3000 [cans],” Mr. Clark said.

Since then the number of cans raised has been well over the thousands. Each year the drive gets an average of 50 to 60 thousand cans. Mr. Clark tries to help as many places as he can with the food and money that the students and teachers donate.

“We give it away to food pantries and some of the Dyer churches. You know, this is what’s so great: when we go in there and we give them food, a lot of the time their shelves are just empty. We can provide so much food for needy families. You look at the community we live in and you think, ‘Oh there’s nobody needy around here.’ There’s a lot of needy people, so it really helps,” Mr. Clark said.
Donations to sixth hour classes for the food drive will be accepted up until Thanksgiving Break.