Meeting of the minds


Ms. Aburia Cichocki, Math, addresses students during the Academic Letterwinners meeting. The meeting took place after school in room C131.

Jessica Wojton, Author

On Nov. 13, the Academic Letterwinners officers met up with Ms. Aubria Cichocki, Math, and Mrs. Brynn Denton, Guidance, to discuss upcoming meetings and planning for the banquet they have every year in the spring.

“[Academic Letterwinners] is a recognition club.  Really you get the recognition you deserve for getting a 3.9 or higher GPA.  And it goes by semester, so it’s more often than just a one year thing.  It’s recognized every semester so there have been students that have been in it quite a bit,” Ms. Cichocki said.

After being a part of the club for a while, some students can apply an officer position.  There are no specific roles, every officer is on the same level.

“[I wanted to be an officer because] I wanted to improve my leadership skills [and] organization skills,” Tiffany Tao (12) said.

Academic Letter Winners is a club that teaches students the rewards of hard work and dedication.

“I just think it’s nice to have something that honors those students that work hard and really push themselves and have the GPA to show for that,” Mrs. Denton said.

The next meeting will be held in January, while the banquet will be held on April 8.