Dollars for Scholars Plans for the future


Gurleen Khatra (12) and Reetam Mander (10) look at the meeting’s schedule. The schedule show all the different volunteer opportunities.

Hannah Pratt, Author

On Nov 19, a Dollars for Scholars meeting took place in the LGI. The meeting started around 2:15 and new volunteers opportunities were discussed.

Miss Ashley Kline introduced opportunities like Christmas in the Park in St. John, The LC Winter craft fair, and the Watson PTO meeting childcare assistance.

“I’ll probably end up volunteering at the craft fair, just because I went to Clark Middle School and it’s really close to my house, and probably the childcare meeting just because I really like childcare,” Alyssa Scanlon (11) said.

Dollars for Scholars can benefits students. It gives students volunteer opportunities and can provide scholarships for the students who apply.

“I’m actually only a junior right now, so the more hours I work for volunteer opportunities, the better chance I have of getting a scholarship next year, and then that way when I do go to college I don’t have to pay quite as much,” Scanlon said.

After the meeting, some students stayed after to participate in a video that could get them a scholarship. Each student would tell the camera what career they would plan on pursuing in the near future.

“I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon because Grey’s Anatomy is bae and it’s life and Cristina Yang is my spirit animal and she is a cardiothoracic surgeon so I have to be a cardiothoracic surgeon,” Njij Shah (11) said.