Junior Class Cabinet meets with DJ


Courtney Kreykes (11) and Emily Segovia (11) show Ms. Sivak what they want at prom. They all discussed what color and decorations would match an “Across the Universe” theme.

Adrianna Portela, Author

On Wednesday, Nov. 19, the Junior Class Cabinet had the opportunity to speak with an employee from Dance Party DJs..

The cabinet members listened to a presentation about possible options for lights and effects. They also talked about past DJs and music requests.

“[The lighting options are] definitely different. It’s something new. I think everyone will really enjoy it,” Courtney Kreykes (11) said.

The club members also flipped through magazines, looking for possible decorations to match this year’s Across the Universe theme.

“[We hope to] have an idea of what we for decorations and party favors soon,” Ms. Stephanie Sivak, English, said.

Because prom is such a big event, nearly all decoration will need to be bought.

“[Planning is] going really well, and I’m excited to see it all put together,” Kreykes said.