The Kick-off for Academic Superbowl

Krystal Rea and lakecentralnews

 Wednesday, October 12, marked the day when students from all grades gathered for a meeting with Mr. David Harnish, Science, kicking off a new year of Academic Superbowl.
“The program appeals to people in every area,” Mr. Harnish said..
Academic Superbowl has a theme every year, and this year’s theme is the Revolutionary War. The theme is the focus for the six-subject areas teams can compete in, which are Science, Social Studies, English, Fine Arts and Interdisciplinary. For competitions, teams of three students compete against other schools by answering a series of multiple-choice questions in their subject area.
“My favorite part is really just being able to hang out with interesting people and take tests! Yes, it’s nerdy, but it’s actually quite fun,” Paul Lai (11) said.
Academic Superbowl keeps a low-key, fun and relaxed environment, according to Mr. Harnish. He enjoys getting students involved and creating an outlet for people who like to be “cool geeks”.
Academic Superbowl will compete in a few competitions throughout the year, some of which take place at Munster and Merrilliville High School. Members of Academic Superbowl look forward to participating in and hopefully succeeding in competition.