Dr. Gustavo Galante provides insight on medical career


Dr. Gustavo Galante offers students personal insight on becoming a medical professional. Dr. Galante’s presentation also included a summary of his profession.

Ruth Chen, Author

On Dec. 8, room C218 was filled with Future Medical Professionals members, students pursuing a medical career, intent on listening to guest speak, Dr. Gustavo Galante, a plastic surgeon.

“[Dr. Galante] gave me a lot of insight about what plastic surgery really is, and he did give a lot of good information on how we need to do a lot of clubs and really work hard to give good grades,” Andria Talavera (11)

Personal connections with each student’s goals captivated students in Dr. Galante’s presentation.

“[The speaker was interesting] because he was a surgeon, and I want to be a surgeon as well. But it was interesting because the other speakers we had hadn’t specialized that far yet. So it was just more of what I was interested in and he explained more about residency and how specialization works after that, and what’s important for a resident. And it was more towards my interests so it was a lot more helpful, and a lot more interesting too,” Joey Grzybek (10)

Passion and hard work are crucial for success in the medical field, and Dr. Galante provided a testament to this.

“You have to be disciplined, you have to work hard, you have to have a passion for what you’re doing, you have to like what you’re doing,” Dr. Gustavo Galante said.

Future Medical Professionals are expecting one or two speakers for next month.