Q&A: Dylan Anderson


Dylan Anderson (12) poses with the famous Food Drive turkey. The turkey had been stolen, for the past two years, from its owner, Mr. Thomas Clark, History, by Ms. Terri Budlove, Business.

Sarah Bredar, Author

Q: As a senior, how was contributing to the food drive important to you?

A: “In the past I hadn’t really done much with the food drive.I didn’t really care too much, [but] you know, this being my last year here at LC and having people tell me this was the worst year for the food drive, I really felt that I had an obligation to help as much as I really could.”

Q: How did you hear about the food drive?

A: “[I] mainly [heard about it] with Ms. Budlove. Being my teacher, she always contributes a lot, and she had told us that it was really up to the students to decide on what to do with it.”

Q: What compelled you to donate so much money for your class?

A: “Honestly, I am willing to admit that it was probably a lot of the competition aspect, and I really wanted our hour to win. I’ve always been a pretty competitive person, but again seeing it was the worst year and seeing how distressed Ms. Budlove and Mr. Clark were, I decided it would be the right thing to do.”

Q: How did the decision to donate affect you and your family?

A: “It was with a little bit of help from my dad, we withdrew it from my bank account, but honestly a lot of people in my family thought I did a very nice thing [and] my dad was really proud of me, [especially] the fact that I was willing to also continue to try to donate it after they tried refusing it.”

Q:What have you gained from this experience?

A: “I’ve gained just a sense of feeling pretty good after doing that, knowing that it helped feed a family and helped raise a lot. With Officer Sidenbender’s donations and all of the Pie-in-the-Face donations, I just feel a lot better, and I feel like I’m giving back to a community that has given me a lot.”

Q: How would you motivate other students to be involved?

A: “I’d say throw that competition aspect back; there was hockey, basketball and Pie-in-the-Face.” Just have fun with it. Find a way to raise money, but also have fun yourself.”

Q: Is there anything else you wish you could have done to further the food drive’s success?

A: “[I] wish I could have given more money, honestly. I wish I could have gotten more people outside, like people from my work or my family members [to get involved], but they were always far away. I was usually just more focused on trying to get more from the school.”

Q: Do you have any advice for next year’s food drive?

A: “Pie-in-the-Face will always work, it will always make you money. If anything, I would get the [competition] going between Clark and Budlove again, like it was the year before with the turkey being stolen. This year it was stolen, but no one really cared too much. [For next year] we just need to find kids motivated, select them, and then get them to get people interested.”