French club gets crafty


French club members participate in making snowmen ornaments. There were 4 different crafts the students could put together.

Darian Smith, Author

With the holidays quickly approaching, Mrs. Nancy Tilka, World Language, wanted French Club to celebrate. The club honored the holidays on Friday, Dec. 12, by making winter related crafts, enjoying snacks and having a good time with fellow french friends.

“This is our holiday celebration and also the best turnout we’ve ever had. Last year we didn’t really have a french club but we decided to bring it back this year,” Mrs. Tilka said.

French Club is run by both Mrs. Tilka, and Mrs. Beverly Bovard, World Language. The club isn’t like other clubs where meetings are regularly set. Instead, French Club meets when a significant event is going on like the holidays or when Mrs. Tilka has a special affair planned. For instance, the club will be making crepes at their next meeting.

“Mrs. Tilka has done most of the planning. I may take over one of the meetings towards the end of the year but she’s basically been in charge of setting up the schedule and organizing things. [I come to the events] if I’m able to. I’m only here on white days so occasionally I may not be able to come because of other commitments,” Bovard said.

Usually attendees of the club are 2nd, 3rd and 4th year French students but the class differences don’t keep the club members from having a good time and making new friends.

“I’ve come to the last three French Club meetings. I think I missed the first couple of meetings but then when my teacher started telling me about it, I started coming. I’ve enjoyed it by coming to the movies. I’m actually kind of friends with Madame Tilka so it’s easy to talk to her and I know most of the kids that are in here so it’s pretty fun,” Duaa Hijaz (11) said.

The next French club meets Tuesday, Jan. 27 in C106.