Theatre students rehearse for spring musical


Megan Barry (11) and Tabitha Prowse (12) warm up at the beginning of practice. The thespians warmed up by doing scales and tongue twisters.

Madeline Conley, Author

In years past, the Lake Central Theatre Company has put on famous musicals like Annie and Grease, but this year they are changing it up, performing a revue named Forbidden Broadway.

“The revue is taking different famous shows and making fun of them. It describes the plots of those shows in a somewhat sarcastic way,” Samantha Bredar (9) said.

This year’s musical differs greatly from past years because it is being performed in the LGI while the new auditorium is being built.

“I wish it was a real musical because then we can also act on top of the singing. We can develop a character better with an actual musical, but I also like this. It’s just different,” Aaron Cappello (9) said.

Some students are involved in both the musical and the contest show, As You Like It, so the schedules sometimes conflict.

“I like being busy, so it’s not a terrible thing, but it is a little stressful to keep one show going and start another,” Hannah Souronis (10) said.

The cast will be performing Forbidden Broadway on March 12-14 at 7pm.

“It’s an entertaining show for people who don’t know a lot about theater,” Souronis said.