American Sniper shocks and awes audiences


Emily Rey, Author

American Sniper was released on Friday, Jan. 16 to audiences. The movie was inspired by true events and true people.

Chris Kyle, the American sniper, was the deadliest sniper in American history. The movie followed his journey from his Navy SEAL training to the final moments of his military career. Marriage, war, moral dilemmas and death were all featured in the 134-minute film.

I went to see the movie on opening night with my dad, and both of us were amazed to see how many veterans were in the audience. There were older veterans, younger veterans and veterans in wheelchairs. All of them, however, all shared common respect for Chris Kyle. At the end of the movie, it was revealed that Kyle was killed. The announcement was short and to-the-point, which stunned people who did not know his story. When the movie ended, footage of the funeral started to play. Although the movie was over, not a single person in the audience got up. Everybody paid their respects to Kyle. The intensity of that moment was profound, and it was amazing that a movie could bring so many people together.

Even though the movie had some flaws, I absolutely recommend that everybody sees it because this movie can have a different meaning and impact on all viewers.