Sweeping the science spectrum


The students all smile together as they hold their newest trophy. Even though the team was tired, they still had enough energy to celebrate.

Stephanie O'Drobinak, Author

On Saturday, Jan. 17, the Science Olympiad team traveled to Northridge High School in Middlebury, Ind. and competed in 26 different events against 36 different teams. The competition lasted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with lots of laughter and studying between events.

“The funniest part was probably in between my events because I get to relax, study and talk with my friends,” Anna Hallowell (10) said.

The team placed 7th in Astronomy, 5th in Green Generation, 4th and 7th in Protein Modeling, 5th in Write It Do It, 3rd in Anatomy, 7th in Entomology, 2nd in Dynamic Planet, 6th in Fossils, 5th in Chem Lab, 7th in Geomapping, 5th in Compound Machine and 3rd in TPS. Overall the students placed 5th place.

“We didn’t exactly get the placings we wanted but it shows us how much more we need to work,” Matthew Tao (11) said.

The students have spent countless evenings building and studying for their events and preparing for the this competition.\
“You start off early in the day and crazy things happen. We all get along and it’s a family. They tease each other, pick each other up, and by doing all that, that’s the reason we have had success. They all respect and understand what everybody’s capabilities [are]. That’s what’s fun about this is that you know somebody’s down, you pick somebody up and you say, ‘Okay, you didn’t do real well today but next week is another one and you can redeem yourselves,’” Mrs. Joan Martin, Science, said.