Q&A: Renee DiNino (11)


Renee DiNino (11) displays the record for the 100-meter dash after beating the previous time by a hundredth of a second. She has been involved in track since freshman year and also runs the 200-meter dash the 400×100 relay and the 400×400 relay. Photo submitted by: Renee DiNino

Cassidy Niewiadomski

Q: What record did you break?

A: “[I broke the record for] the 100-meter dash. I broke it by a hundredth of a second. The previous time was 12.32, and my time was 12.31. I would say [I improved] a lot. I don’t know exactly, but at least by half of a second.”

Q: When you broke the record, how did you feel?

A: “It felt amazing. I didn’t expect it because I wasn’t mentally thinking I was going to break it. When I did, I was surprised and really impressed and really thankful that my coach worked with me to get there. [My team] was really supportive of it. They were really proud of me and excited for me, and they’re a really good team in that way. It was really nice to have them be really supportive of me.”

Q: What are you thinking about when you’re running a race?

A: “I don’t really think about anything. I just think about trying to go as fast as I can and just cross the finish line in first place.”

Q: How did you work to improve your time?

A: “What really helped me was we did training all year. We did training all through the summer, through the fall and through the winter. I think that really helped and just working hard with my coach and my teammates. The weight training helps too by getting your legs stronger.”

Q: What are some other goals you have for this season?

A: “[I hope] to make it to the State meet and be able to compete, have my individual events and relays do well [and] do well as a team, winning Sectionals and Regionals.

Q: What other events do you compete in?

A: “I run the 200-meter dash, the 400×100 relay and the 400×400 relay. Freshman year I only ran the 400×400 relay, and last year I added all of the other events.”

Q: Why did you join track?

A: “I would say, just the aspect of it. I think that it’s really rewarding because running is hard as it is, and when you have track and something to achieve, I think that makes it more interesting. I enjoy spending time with the team too and just the whole environment of the sport. I chose track over other sports just because it was a personal preference.”