Q&A: Olivia Middleton (11)


Olivia Oster, Author

Q: How did you guys do at Nationals?

A: We got second place by 0.4 of a point, but we did our best.

Q: What could you guys have improved on?

A: I don’t think we could have improved on anything because we hit a perfect routine and got zero deductions.

Q: What did you guys expect going there?

A: We did not really know what to expect because it was our first time at the Cheersport Nationals.


Q: Who was your biggest competitor?

A: Our biggest competitor was Little Rock, Ark. because their routine difficulty was higher than ours.


Q: How did you feel coming out of Nationals?

A: I feel like, as a team, we all tried our hardest, and there was nothing more we could have done.