Chowing down for the Children’s Hospital


Buffalo Wild Wings in Schererville hosts a fundraiser to support the Riley Hospital for Children. Students from Lake Central were encouraged to dine between 5 and 9 p.m., so that 15 percent of their bill would help the cause.

Liz Bustamante, Author

Student Council joined together with Buffalo Wild Wings in Schererville to host a fundraiser on Wednesday, Feb. 18, from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. to benefit the Riley Hospital for Children.

“We are considered a Riley cooperation and it is Student Council’s job to raise enough funds for us to be a Riley school.  So, we are hosting this fundraiser with Buffalo Wild Wings in order to make that money,” Miss Villarreal, English, said.

Students were given a flier on Wednesday with a ticket to receive the 15-percent donation to the Riley Hospital for Children.

“So basically your family goes in and 15 percent of your bill goes towards our Riley funds. Then you have to show the flyer in order for it to count towards it; if you don’t have the flyer and you go and you say, ‘I’m here for Lake Central,’ they aren’t going to give the 15 percent. They want the proof,” Miss Villarreal said.