Junior Class Cabinet discusses prom options


Junior Class Cabinet members discuss options for photo backdrops with a Giolas photographer. The photographer explained how each backdrop option differed from the others, and the availability of each backdrop.

Anastasia Papanikolaou, Author

On Mon. March 2, Junior Class Cabinet held a meeting in C122 in which they held elections for officer positions and Prom decoration options.

“I think the meeting went well. We got to pick the background for Prom pictures and they look really nice,” Eva Elmalh (11) said.

Members will not find out who won the elections for cabinet positions until March 9, but the members that ran were:

Treasurer: Gianna Mills

Secretary: Madeline Hirschfield and Maria Moricz

Vice President: Eva Elmalh, Cassidy Niewiadomski and Courtney Kreykes

President: Sean Meyer, Niji Shah and Eva Kimberly

“Running for president was exciting. It was nerve-wracking because I would love to be the president of the Junior class.” Sean Meyer (11) said

Prom decorating is a Junior Class Cabinet tradition. During the meeting, members discussed options with the photographer and different decorations that can be used that correspond with the theme. This year’s prom theme is “Across the Universe.”

“Planning prom is somewhat hectic but really fun because we have full control over what happens. The club members have a lot of good ideas to make it a good year,” Meyer said.