First sign language meeting of the year


During the club meeting on Monday, March 10, Rebekah Lamb introduces the returning and more advanced members of the American Sign Language Club. Those members include Sarah Benedict (12), Julissa Degollado (12) who spells her name in sign language and Robert Belzeski (12).

Emma Ritchie, Author

During the American Sign Language Meeting on March 10, the club welcomed returning and new members to meet in the library.

“I returned to the club because eventually in my future i want to eventually help out in the ASL community and have my own deaf child,” Julissa Degollado (12) said.

Rebekah Lamb is head of the American Sign Language Club. There is currently a deaf student at Lake Central which she helps translates for.

“Miss Lamb really interacts with us and tries to get us more comfortable with her signing,” Degollado said.

The American Sign Language club offers students the chance to learn something new. Sign Language can be a skill that one may or may not be pursued in ones future.

“[I wanted to join] mostly because I was bored and needed something to do, but I thought it would be interesting to try and learn. [I’ll pursue it] probably as a hobby to know how to talk and use it [sign language] as a hobby,” Sean Harper (11) said.