Class Cabinet finalizes Prom plans


Maria Moricz (11) and Emily Segovia (11) listen to their club sponsors as the meeting starts. During the meeting, the club decided on a final color scheme and Prom favors.

Maddie Hirschfield, Author

The members of Junior Class Cabinet met in Ms. Stephanie Sivak’s, English, room on Monday, March 13, to discuss and finalize their plans and ideas for Prom.

After recently naming new officers, the meeting was more student-led than previous meetings have been. President Niji Shah (11) and Vice President Eva Elmalh (11) were the prominent voices in the meeting and helped the members stay on track.

“The point of this meeting was to finalize the decisions of prom. [We decided] what our favors are going to be and how are balloons are going to be set up,” Elmalh said.

The existing Prom theme, “Across the Universe,” was completed with a color scheme and decorations at this meeting. The club decided on silver, gold, black, purple and navy balloons for the centerpieces, decorations and the balloon drop. They also decided what time they will be decorating the hall before the dance and what is expected of the members when they help set up. Shah was a key part of this planning, and she will also be running most of the decorating when it happens.

“I think I’m going to lead our club into decorating. I’m going to [organize and direct] them. [I will try to] have harmony because that is very important. Otherwise, they are going to overthrow me, and that’s not good. I think this is a really fun club, and I really like the people that are in it. I like party planning,” Shah said.

Junior Class Cabinet tries to meet once a week, and the next meeting date is to be announced.