Scholars apply for dollars


Juniors at the Dollars for Scholars meeting raise their hands to answer a question asked by Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance. She informed the students on what information to put in their profiles.

Elena Gorney, Author

After school on Wednesday, March 17, the juniors who participate in Dollars for Scholars met in Room 9226.

“[Dollars for Scholars] is a club that offers volunteer opportunities to students who attend Lake Central. We do [volunteering] all throughout the county, a lot of stuff for the elementary schools, and eventually we can sign up to get scholarships for it during our senior year,” Alyssa Scanlon (11) said.

The juniors met to complete their online scholarship application forms.

“There’s an online profile that they have to begin and complete, and we’re going through the steps to do that today and through all the different sections so that when their senior year rolls around, they are eligible for scholarships in the second semester,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

Students in Dollars for Scholars join not only to be eligible for scholarships, but to help out more in their community.

“I [joined Dollars for Scholars] because I wanted to be more active in volunteering and help to raise money for college tuition,” Kyle Massa (11) said.