Honoring veterans


This is the official logo for the “Honoring Veterans” 5K/10K Walk/Run, which will take place at the Tri-Town Safety Village on May 23. This was designed by Jovana Dodevska (11), one of the presidents of the History Club, for the event.

Sarah Bredar, Author

The History Club has gotten much accomplished this year, despite its status as a newly-formed club. From the successful Veterans’ Day project to acceptance into the National History Club, the members have been busy. For the past few months, the officers of the club have been working on the “Honoring Veterans” 5K/10K Walk/Run that will be taking place on May 23.

“[The Tri-Town Safety Village] is going to build a veterans museum in Schererville, and they decided to have this big 5K/10K Walk/Run to raise money for it.  [Participants] will run from Dyer, St. John and Schererville and converge at the Safety Village,” Mr. Thomas Clark, Social Studies, said.

In order to make this event a success, the run’s planning committee asked the History Club to recruit students at Lake Central. Members were tasked with making a flyer, banner and t-shirt design for the event.

“If there’s any club in this school that would be capable of carrying [this responsibility], it would be the History Club. They’re the best of the best,” Mr. Clark said.

With the support of the Tri-Town Safety Village behind them, members are more adamant about getting the word out. Flyers are currently being circulated throughout the school, and they are offering volunteer hours to anyone interested in helping.

“History Club teamed up with the Tri-Town [Safety Village] committee and we’ve been spreading the word [about the run] through the school. We have put up posters all around the school, and informed all of the track teams and [several other] athletes,” Duaa Hijaz (11) said.