Prom ticket frenzy


Prom ticket sales run from April 6 for seniors, and will continue until April 12 for juniors and sophomores or until tickets are sold out. The dance will take place on May 2 at the Halls of St. George.

Gianna Mills, Author

With prom quickly approaching, there is a student-wide frenzy of searching for a date and purchasing tickets. Due to prom tickets being sold online this year, prom preparation has been made slightly easier.

“[Selling tickets online] was a joint decision between us and administration to make sure that everybody had the fairest access of tickets,” Ms. Stephanie Sivak, English, said.

Like any new method of technology, there has been a fair share of confusion, along with minor problems.

“[Problems have been] working out the kinks for the first year we’re using it, but most of them have been resolved within 24 hours,” Ms. Sivak said.

Selling tickets online has made the process far more convenient than it has been in the past.

“[Buying tickets online is] a little more convenient because parents can buy day-to-day and they don’t have to come in. You don’t need a group of adults to be checking all the forms,” Sivak said.

Although some students and parents have encountered problems with the website, the majority of the usual problems have been avoided.

“You don’t have students trying to leave class earlier and shoving each other to get tickets, so it’s a little bit more convenient,” Sivak said.

Prom will take place on May 2 at the Halls of St. George, with the theme being “Across the Universe.”